Nox is a semi-professional framework written in Unity by our course leader Yvan Cartwright. Through the framework and its two adjoining modules, AI Scripting For Games and Advanced Gameplay Prototyping, the concept is to provide an experience similar to that of working in a larger studio with a framework that's already been worked on for years.

Through the AI Scripting module we were tasked with creating competent AI scripts for in-game agents to complete tasks. A few examples being a station boarding exercise (shown in one of the videos above), a convoy assault scenario, and a large squad battle involving teams of three students against each other.

Advanced Gameplay Prototyping was less AI focused and more about the improvements we could make to the framework and how we could make our own content within it. Our main task for this module was to create a small campaign using the existing features while also adding our own. This campaign is also shown in one of the above videos.

While I didn't technically work alongside anybody else during this period, I would consider this a collaborative experience as I had to work around the limits of the framework and make my own improvements and bug fixes. Similar to how I would assume the experience would be in a professional studio environment.