Encampment is a top-down strategy game in which the player must create their settlement, assign their villagers to work and expand the area, embark on quests for new equipment, and defend against regular goblin invasions.

The project as a whole is one of the more long-form pieces of work I've made, while previous prototypes had been made over a few months this was the better part of a year.


There are a few significant features that I'm very happy with and, given another chance, would definitely be able to improve upon; the character information is very detailed and easily accessible, the building system works particularly well, and the quests have a solid base that can be expanded upon.

The video above covers all of the core features of the alpha, along with a download link below. Give it a try, let me know what you’d like to see, what could be improved, and what could be removed. There are however a few credits that are due for art assets.

Firstly, for the wonderful environment models used for the trees, rocks and bushes: Jaks on itch.io.

The villager models, without animations right now, taken from Honeti on the Unity Asset Store.

And finally, the pig-man models also taken from the Unity Asset Store, made by Den Molina

The current build wouldn’t look half as good as it does right now if not for my rather awful implementation of these assets.